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Solar Is for Everyone

In 2010 we embraced the philosophy that solar is for everyone! And, we have been living the dream ever since.

Fast forward, and North Carolina has since jumped into second place in the nation behind California in terms of solar power capacity. We are proud to say that we have installed more solar power systems than any other installer.

As energy rates continue to increase at an upsetting pace, we are excited to share with you that energy independence is possible and show you just how quickly an investment in a Solar Energy System will pay for itself.

Sustainability & Affordability

Our goal is to help make the world a better place for future generations. We are committed to doing so by creating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy environment. To do that, we provide high quality, affordable renewable energy solutions and solar installations for residences and businesses across North Carolina. We look forward to working with you on this mission!

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Solar Info Packet

Why choose NC Solar Now for your home or business?

By choosing NC Solar Now, you take advantage of:

  • Receiving the best possible pricing as an individual homeowner or business owner without the worry of a lower price on the market, even when compared to group rates. The great news is that prices are at their historical lowest right now.
  • Leveraging a local expert. We’re locally owned and operated, meaning we live, work and play where you do. We’re your neighbors, and we’re here for the long haul.
  • Learning as much (or as little) as you want about solar power thanks to our personal one-on-one approach; we will schedule a virtual call to educate you and your family about all of the options available to you and helping you choose the best one for your situation. 
  • A team dedicated to helping you take advantage of utility (and other) incentives and rebates.
  • Getting pre-qualified with great financing partners with great terms to allow you to start solar with no or little money out of pocket.

Experts in the Solar Industry

What makes us experts in the solar industry? We most definitely were bitten by the solar bug and our passion is evident throughout our entire team. In addition to our years of experience, we collectively stay informed on the most up-to-date solar technology. It’s important to us that you know you will own the most effective solar energy system possible. Essentially, we eat, sleep and breathe solar (fun fact: it really can be tasty with a side of BBQ sauce!) in order to bring you the outcomes you’re after.

All that being said, we understand that you are a savvy consumer and want to vet your options. We’ve put together a few tips on what to look for in a solar array installer.

Our Team

We have put together a strong  team of experienced, like-minded professionals that we can be proud of and are excited about! We gladly handle all your solar installation and service needs. But it’s about much more than the one time service. It’s an investment in your home or business, building of a long-term partnership, energy and cost savings and a high regard for our shared environment. Needless to say, we look forward to meeting you!

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When You Invest in Solar, We Invest in You

Solar power is a long term investment. We recognize that and want to assure you of our investment in our relationship with you. We support you throughout the life of your solar power system, backed by more than 17 years of experience to provide you with helpful, real-world advice. Our team will enable you to become a solar energy expert, if you desire. If not, we are a phone call away. Not only that, we’re pretty likable so we’re guessing you might even make a friend or two along the way.

Our Approach

Now for the slightly technical jargon. NC Solar Now ensures you will be working with NABCEP certified technicians and knowledgeable solar professionals from start to finish. We put a high priority on informing and educating our customers every step of the way, guaranteeing open communication and transparency throughout the entire installation of your solar system. This results in a high touch customer experience that is unprecedented in the NC solar industry.

Solar Savings Potential

We are dedicated to increasing awareness of renewable energy benefits, especially for our beautiful state of North Carolina. In other words, we want to help you reduce your carbon footprint and that pesky electric bill. In the process, you’ll be one step closer to energy independence. We will help you identify what your expected costs will be after giving you an idea of where your Solar Energy System will be installed. Then, the best part, we’ll show you where you can expect to save!

Our Affiliations

NC Solar Now is a proud member of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, an organization that works to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in North Carolina through education, public policy and economic development.

NC Solar Now provides resources and support to NC Clean Energy Technology Center, which advances a sustainable energy economy by educating, demonstrating and providing support for clean energy technologies, practices and policies.

NC Solar Now works in conjunction with NC Green Power, which connects people to renewable energy and carbon offset projects. NC Green Power bridges the gap between those who are unable to develop their own projects with those who need additional financial support through our incentive program.

NC Solar Now is a proud sponsor of the Festival for the Eno and a supporter of the Eno River Association, a 501c3 nonprofit conservation organization whose mission is to conserve and protect the natural, cultural and historic resources of the Eno River basin.

NC Solar Now is a proud sponsor of One Million Lights, a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting. For every Solar Energy System, we install, we donate solar lights to the organization.

NC Solar Now is proud to work closely with the Piedmont Environmental Alliance. This organization provides consumers with a database of environmentally friendly companies and offers monthly themed tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

“NC Solar Now was nothing short of amazing! They truly partner with their customers to ensure that they understand your goals upfront, communicate openly and excellently throughout the planning process, execute on time, and continue to support you and ensure you are aware of how to take advantage of new tax credits and rebate programs that you are eligible for. I am very happy with my 10KW system and the quality of the install, but above all, the ongoing support and customer service I receive from this company. I am endorsing them because they worked very hard to earn my trust and business and I know they will do the same for others. They have set a gold standard in my book!”

– Blake Shiver

Ready to Get Rid of Your Power Bill?

Contact us for a FREE Solar Savings Analysis! We’ll help you calculate how much your investment in solar will save you over time.

Want to Learn More About Solar?

Interested in a solar panel installation, or maybe you just like to keep up with the latest developments in green technology? Check out our blogs to learn answers to common questions, the latest news in the industry, what our friends are up to and how they use solar power, and how our team is saving the environment one installation at a time.

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