It’s no secret that utilizing local companies directly contributes to your local economy and community. By doing so, you help provide support to local business owners, who continue to invest that money back into your area. Choosing to stay as a local as possible with much of your commerce also helps to drastically reduce your environmental footprint. That’s because goods and services will have to travel much shorter distances to your Raleigh, NC home if they are based around the Triangle, rather than somewhere out-of-state.
One of the best ways to multiply your efforts is to use a local alternative energy company. That’s where the Raleigh renewable resource team at NC Solar Now comes in. By choosing NC Solar Now to bring solar power to your home or business, you are supporting a local company that proudly takes advantage of local resources, such as hiring students from local colleges or working with manufacturers in our area, on a routine basis.

Solar Power Energy on the Rise Across the Country

Solar electricity, also known as photovoltaic (PV), is quickly becoming popularized across the country. With the help of added incentives, such as government rebate programs, tens of thousands of megawatts of solar power were generated in 2014. Raleigh has proudly made the list of “Top 20 Solar Cities”, coming in at number 11, just behind San Antonio, TX and Phoenix, AZ.

NC Solar Now has been a crucial part of that movement, installing solar panels and the following additions to residential and commercial properties in Raleigh:

  • Solar attic fans. These come with a lifetime warranty and are eligible for a renewable energy tax credit.
  • Solar pool heating. Our technicians use existing pool equipment to create a heating solution that comes with a tax credit.
  • Solar hot water. By adding a solar storage tank, NC Solar can transfer hot water right into your home.

NC Solar Now is Your Raleigh Solar Power Source

Keep your renewable energy benefits close to home by hiring the technicians at NC Solar Now to install your solar technology. Call us today at 919-833-9096 or fill out our online form for a free solar analysis and quote.

NC Solar Now is your local renewable energy resource, providing green solutions to homes and businesses around Raleigh, NC.