If you’re looking forward to spending your days poolside in your backyard, consider using solar power to heat your pool, so it’s always the perfect temperature.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

  • One of the most efficient and economical ways to heat your pool
  • Pays for itself more quickly than a traditional propane pool heater
  • Can extend your pool season by allowing you to start swimming earlier in the spring and continue swimming later into the fall
  • Our solar pool heating system is guaranteed to not to discolor your pool due to deterioration of the solar panel material
  • Our system comes with a 12-year warranty

How Does it Work?

At NC Solar Now, we proudly install Heliocol panels, one of the leaders in technology for solar pool heating systems. The system is made up of three main components: a pump, a filter and a panel. The pump, which is typically your existing pool pump, strains leaves and debris from your pool by pushing the water through the filter. The water is then pumped into a solar panel in your yard that has plenty of sun exposure. The water is heated as it moves through the panel and flows back into the pool, leaving you with water that is perfect for swimming.

Solar pool heating systems do not require a storage tank, as your pool is provides all the storage that is needed. You will use an automatic temperature controller to set your desired pool temperature. Once that level is reached, the system automatically turns off to maintain your ideal water temperature.


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