Installing a solar panel system is a big decision and the process can seem overwhelming at first. At NC Solar Now, our experienced team of experts works with you from start to finish, making the process easy for you.

Here is how our skilled team sets out to begin the process of preparing, designing and completing your solar installation:

  • First, our installation team contacts you regarding a site visit to assess the home, roof and specific details that help us tailor the system specifically to your home. If your residence has HOA restrictions, we begin the application process for HOA approval as soon as possible to ensure a timely and hassle-free installation.
  • Following the site visit, our team begins designing the schematic that will outline the dimensions and placement of the array.
  • Next, we submit interconnection requests to your utility provider, file paperwork with the NC Utilities Commission and pull the necessary state and local permits. All the parts and equipment are ordered during this time.
  • Once the permits are pulled and HOA approval is granted (where necessary) and parts have arrived at our warehouse, our installation team contacts you to schedule your installation.
  • On the scheduled date, your new solar array will be installed on your home or business.
  • Lastly, depending on the installation, an inspection(s) will occur same-day or soon thereafter.

Your array will be switched on and start producing power for your home or business as soon as the new meter has been installed. Then you are ready to start generating solar power to lower your energy costs. Fill out the form to the right to set up your free in-home site visit to get started!

NC Solar Team