Thermal Shield, otherwise known as Radiant Heat Barrier…

Thermal Shield is a reflective barrier, usually installed in the attic of a home. It reflects radiant heat, lowering cooling and heating costs by keeping warm air where it should be, out of your home during the summer and in during the winter.

We install a pure aluminum blanket over your existing insulation in the attic. This barrier reflects up to 98% of the radiant energy striking your home and reduces your utility bill year-round. With a lifetime warranty, it ends up being one of the simplest and least expensive energy improvements you can make to your home.

solar panels thermal barrier diagram

How does Thermal Shield work?

  • We install is a two-sided reflective barrier of 99 percent pure aluminum foil, woven and reinforced with polyethylene fabric.
  • Regular insulation contains air spaces that retard primary conductive heat flow. Installing Thermal Shield will reflect up to 97 percent of incoming radiation, allowing very little thermal energy to pass down into your home. It works like your thermos bottle, which uses a reflective coating to keep beverages hot or cold all day.
  • Improves the performance of mass insulation: Without this barrier, your roof radiates solar-generated heat into the attic insulation, which is quickly absorbed and transferred to the ceiling. This will eventually heat up your ceiling.

Thermal Shield Tests and Studies:

Side-by-side test revealed 23-degree drop in attic temperatures; improved A/C efficiency:

The Energy Center of Appalachian State University conducted a study to measure the benefits of adding thermal barrier in home attics, and key findings included:

  • A 23-degree drop in the peak attic temperature occurred in a home outfitted with thermal heat barrier versus a similar home without the barrier;
  • A 20 percent reduction in the run-time of the air conditioning unit during the seven hours of peak attic temperatures; and
  • The Thermal Shield improved the efficiency of cooled air delivered through the air ducts by 57 percent during this period.

solar thermal shield

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