For the average family, about 30% of energy consumption is used for heating water for laundry, dishes, showers, etc. It takes 9,000 watts of electricity to heat the water for your home.

Harness the power of the sun to heat your water

How Solar Hot Water Works

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Traditional solar hot water systems use solar collectors to absorb energy from the sun. Heated fluid circulates through a solar storage tank, where it transfers its heat to the water in your hot water tank. The solar fluid never touches this water. Water heated by the sun can reach temperatures exceeding 212º F; however, the normal temperature for household use is only 115º to 120º F, so it is very simple to heat enough water for your home in just a few hours. When you’re heating water (as opposed to powering light bulbs or AC units), the sunlight doesn’t need to become electricity. It needs to become heat and turning sunlight into heat is no problem.

Solar water heating panels, sometimes called domestic hot water (DHW) collectors, are made of glass, copper, and insulation. They are designed to heat relatively small amounts of water (80 to 120 gallons in a home) quickly to high temperatures suitable for bathing, laundry, and washing dishes.

Solar-Hot-Water Heater

Personal benefits of a solar hot water system include:

    • Monthly savings on your energy bills Studies estimate that hot water accounts for 15-30% of the average homeowner’s energy costs. By using sunshine to heat or preheat your water, you can cut your water heating bill in half. If you have an electric tank water heater for back-up, you’ll save about $280 each year or $5,200 over the lifetime of the water heater on electricity bills.
    • Increased hot water – Our systems use an 80-gallon storage tank to maximize the amount of heat captured from the sun. Get twice as much hot water for 85% less cash!
    • Fast return on investment – A domestic hot water system pays for itself in about 5 years on average. What other home improvement pays for itself and keeps paying you for 20, 30, even 40 years?
    • You own your energy instead of renting it from the power company Sunlight is free and limitless, plus has no harmful emissions. When you use the sun to heat your water, you are using free energy and not giving your money to the power company.
    • Reduces your carbon footprintInstalling a solar water heater can prevent 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually. That is the equivalent of not driving your car for four months every year!
    • Increased value of your homeA study by the Appraisal Institute has determined that people are willing to pay more for homes with solar hot water systems.

Introducing a new low-cost way to take 30% of your energy use off-grid!

We are excited to announce a new way to heat your water with solar!

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