During the summer as the sun hits your home, heat is radiated through your roof, which in turn will heat up the air in your attic and eventually the main rooms in your home.

While attic insulation slows this process, it does not eliminate the heat transfer process entirely. If your attic is not very well insulated, it will do very little to stop the heat from getting through. Additionally, a hot attic stays hot long after the sun goes down, so the process of heat transfer into your home never really ends.

solar attic fan

By removing the hot air from your attic, the process of heat transfer into your home is minimized. The less attic heat that is transferred into your home, the less your air conditioner will need to work, and the more energy and money you save.

A single 25 watt Solar Attic Fan can move an incredible 1550 CFM of airflow, capable of adequately ventilating and attic space of 2300 square feet! More ventilation capacity means better cooling performance and less strain on your air conditioning unit. We are proud to install a solar attic fan manufactured here in the US in Gatesville, TX, whose manufacturing facility is 100% powered by solar energy. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and is eligible for a 65% renewable energy tax credit!

breeze mate

Breeze Mate™ Solar Attic Ventilation System

Now saving energy is easier than ever with our new Breeze Mate™ solar ventilation system. Breeze Mate™ offers an unprecedented control solution for your ventilation applications, combining our award winning UltraFl?® ventilation technology and advanced control system design to give you the most intelligent solar powered ventilation solution ever created. With the ability to independently adjust both temperature and humidity control ranges, Breeze Mate™ allows for customized ventilation control, specific to the needs of your application. Our proprietary control system design gives users full control over fan operation, as well as a variety of safety and performance related features. Breeze Mate™ is easy to install, using wireless network technology to control fan operation. Whether used for residential of commercial applications, there is a Breeze Mate™ solution for all your ventilation needs.