Solar systems produce the most power when the sun is shining. The more directly the sun hits the panels, the more electricity the system can produce. The angle and position of the sun vary over the course of the day and with the different seasons. With a traditional solar system, the orientation of the panels is set. However, AllEarth Solar Trackers are designed to follow the path of the sun.


The solar panels are mounted to a racking system that has a small motor drive that allows the panels to move and follow the sun. This way, the panels are optimized to capture solar energy during the entire daylight period.

By following the sun during the day and adjusting the orientation for the different seasons, an AllEarth Solar Tracker can generate up to 45% more power than a fixed system.



• Made and engineered in America

• Captures up to 45% more power than fixed systems

• Handles wind loads of up to 120 mph

• Lower energy costs and greater savings over 25 years

• Comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty

An innovative dual-axis solar tracker installed by NC Solar Now at a home in Yadkinville, NC after a partnership with Vermont-based AllEarth Renewables.


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