Residential Solar Power for your Home

Why Install Solar Panels on Your Home? 

Savings with Residential Solar:

Residential Solar Power Installation

With the current Duke Energy rebate, federal tax credit, and multiple financing options adding residential solar is now easier than ever! When you install solar power on your home, every kilowatt-hour that your panels produce is one kilowatt-hour you don’t have to buy from your energy company.

Increase the Value of your Home: 

Installing solar panels on your home can increase its value. The larger the system size, the greater the increase in property value. Also, the older the system is, the smaller the property value premium is. The average property value premium of a PV system of average size (3.7 kW) and average age (2.9 years) in California is $24,851 (LBNL, Exploring California PV Home Premiums).

Environmental Impact: 

An average size residential solar system with 5 kW of photovoltaic capacity will avoid the release of 73 tons of carbon over a 25 year lifetime. That’s not even the full lifetime of your panels. This is the environmental equivalent of planting 682 trees!


How do solar panels work?

1. Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into DC electricity.

2. The DC electricity moves to an inverter that converts it to AC electricity.

3. The electricity that your panels produce is used in the home.

4. Leftover electricity goes back to the grid or battery back up.



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If you are interested in adding solar to your home but want to learn more before moving forward?

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