Solar energy is the most efficient and economical way to heat your pool. Compared to conventional pool heaters using propane, solar pool heating systems have a quick return on investment. And if you currently don’t heat your pool, a solar heating system can provide an inexpensive way to extend your pool season, starting earlier in the spring and extending later into the fall. Why not make the most of your investment in a pool by adding an energy efficient solar pool heating system to your swimming pool?

solar pool heating system diagram

Conveniently, most of the equipment used for a solar pool heating system is probably already part of your current pool. The storage unit for the solar heated water already exists – it’s the swimming pool. Also, you already have a pump to push water through the solar collectors. Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (collectors), usually mounted on the roof, where heat is absorbed, and the heated water is returned to the pool.

We are proud to be authorized installers of Heliocol Panels, which are the leading technology for Solar Pool Heating. The collectors can be made of EPDM Rubber or PVC/TPR material and are usually supplied in multiple tube strips, but we prefer to use polypropylene with special ultraviolet inhibitor additives. Our system is guaranteed not to discolor your pool due to deterioration of the solar panel material and has a 12-year warranty.

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An automatic temperature controller allows you to set your desired pool temperature. When that temperature is reached, the system will automatically turn off to maintain the desired temperature. In some cases, the swimming pool can naturally reach uncomfortable temperatures during peak summer months and the system can dissipate excess heat in the pool water by circulating the water through the collectors at night.

Download the Heliocol Operating Instructions

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