If you would like to reduce monthly spending on your family’s hot water, the solution you’ve been looking for is available at NC Solar Now. Our Raleigh, NC alternative energy experts have transformed the same solar panel technology, also known as photovoltaics, into a renewable resource for hot water as well. NC Solar Now’s innovative solar hot water systems use natural energy provided by the sun to heat enough hot water for your home in just a few hours.

Hot water is acquired through the harnessing of the sun’s rays through a multi-step process that starts with solar collectors. They take in the raw solar energy and send heat to a solar storage tank, where a solar liquid is heated up. That liquid is transferred to a hot water tank, where it moves around, but never touches, the water that’s stored inside. Through this set of actions, water can be heated up for your Raleigh home consumption in just a few hours.

Cost-Effective & Durable Hot Water Systems from NC Solar Now

If you’re still not sure if solar hot water systems are worth the investment, research has shown that solar hot water tanks tend to last longer than traditional ones. NC Solar Now even has a backup system in the instance that there isn’t enough solar energy to power the tank on a cloudy day or two; our Raleigh solar power backup strategy includes gas or electric means.

NC Solar Now additionally has a partnership with SOLARHOT, so you can be sure you’ll be getting some of the best solar water tank equipment that’s on the market. Call our Raleigh solar power experts at 919-833-9096 to discuss how you can start benefitting from solar hot water systems today.

NC Solar Now proudly provides solar hot water tanks and systems to customers in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, NC and beyond.