With energy costs constantly rising, home and commercial property owners are always looking for ways to reduce their energy bill. With the help of NC Solar Now, they realize that the No. 1 solution is solar electricity.Through our solar panel installations in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, customers are able to cut energy costs and quickly pay back this cost-efficient installation. Our solar panel professionals install complete commercial and residential solar electricity panels in Durham, so consider making the switch to solar today!

What is solar electricity?

Solar electricity, also known as photovoltaic electricity (PV), is the process of sunlight converting into electricity. The more direct sunlight PV panels receive, the more solar electricity they produce.

What are PV panels?

PV panels are made of small PV cells that are wired together and sealed between a plastic backing and tempered glass cover. The panel is wrapped with an aluminium frame that protects the edges of the glass and allows for safe mounting. Multiple PV panels are connected together.

How do solar panels work in Durham?

  1. NC Solar Now installs solar panels that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power.
  2. Microinverters convert DC power into alternating current (AC) power for household use.
  3. When solar production exceeds home consumption, the meter measures your excess, and you receive a credit.
  4. Any surplus electricity simply flows back into the main grid for use elsewhere.

Contact Us for Durham Solar Electricity Panels

Solar electricity panels in Durham, NC cut your energy costs, increase your property value and make you eligible for a variety of solar incentives. Take advantage of all the benefits PV panels offer, and contact NC Solar Now at (919) 833-9096 for your Durham solar panel installation.

NC Solar Now provides solar electricity panels and other solar power services in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, including Raleigh, Chapel HillMorehead City, , Wake Forest, Greensboro and beyond.