Have you always wondered about the benefits of connecting to the solar power grid? NC Solar Now is here to inform you.

After you install Chapel Hill, NC solar panels on your home, your solar PV system will collect sunlight, produce energy and feed it directly into your home. At night, when your system is not producing electricity, you will receive electricity from the grid. Now, to the good part. Any excess energy that is generated and not used during a billing period is sent back to your utility company, which serves as a “credit” for you. When you look at your monthly utility statement, you will notice that these credits have the potential to dramatically reduce your bill.

Grid Tied vs. Off-Grid & What That Means for Your Monthly Utility Bill

When installing solar panels in Chapel Hill from NC Solar Now, you will be given the choice of what kind of system you want for your home:

  • Grid-Tied — This system connects you directly to the utility grid, meaning you will either use the power you generate or you can sell it back to your utility company for credit. The grid stores your home’s power when it is not being used.
  • Off-Grid — This system is best for homeowners who live in remote locations. Through a collection of batteries, an off-grid system can store reserved power. This reserved power can then be used during the night or on rainy days when the sun doesn’t come out.

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No matter the solar panel system you choose to get the Chapel Hill energy-efficient home you’ve always wanted, one thing is for sure — you will enjoy incredible savings from connecting to the solar grid.

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