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Featured Project: April Setzer of Raleigh, NC

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Featured Project: April Setzer of Raleigh, NC

System Size: 6.72 kW

Meet April: She’s a fabulous Accountant that lives in Raleigh, NC and added solar power to her home in July 2018. April has been consulting with NC Solar Now for the last 4 years and there was no question that she would be adding solar to her new home. NC Solar Now worked with April from the very beginning of her new build to ensure that her home was a perfect candidate for solar. Join us in welcoming April into the world of renewable energy and learn about her journey below.


What made you decide to go solar?

I have been consulting with NC Solar Now for about 4 years so I know the company really well. They are great people and you’re not going to find a better place to work. They are so focused on doing a great job and there was no question that I would have solar on my new home once I moved in.

Tell us a little about your home and what the process was like.

The process was flawless! First steps included working with my HOA, which was seamless. NC Solar Now submitted the request along with a design render for me. When my design changed they even handled resubmitting the request and got it approved very quickly. It took about 2 months from start to finish. Working for the company made my situation a little different because I got to see the process internally. I had no idea how much NC Solar actually does!

What was the most enjoyable part of the process?

The install! Actually, seeing it going up was gratifying and the guys on the install team were awesome!

How was communication and follow up after the install?

Follow up was seamless. It’s nice knowing that I can always call the office and get an actual person on the phone. I also hear their employees dealing with customers when I’m in the office and I’m always pleased with how patient and helpful they are.

Would you recommend NC Solar Now?

I would knock on everyone’s door in my neighborhood and ask them to install solar because NC Solar Now is fabulous!

Customer Testimonial

April Setzer


I was extremely pleased with the work crew and the care taken when installing my panels. They did a phenomenal job and am excited to tell everyone in my neighborhood about the exceptional service that NC Solar provides. I have had the pleasure of working with and consulting with NC Solar Now for the past 4 years with their accounting. I've learned the importance of going solar. When I bought my new home, there was no question that I would install solar in my home. And there was no one I'd rather use than NC Solar Now. The whole process was seamless and I felt that I was in good hands the entire way. Thank you so much for the outstanding job.

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