At NC Solar Now, we are proud to be North Carolina’s #1 residential solar energy provider! The company was founded by Steve Nicolas, a native of London, England, who for 34 years has proudly called North Carolina his home. He spent 25 years in international management crisscrossing the globe and encouraging companies to examine and improve their efficiency.

“Renewable energy is a very real alternative solution,” says Nicolas and since establishing NC Solar Now, Inc. his company has installed and provided solar energy solutions to hundreds of homes and businesses in communities throughout North Carolina.

When you choose NC Solar Now, you will be led through the entire process by a team of experts with over 17 years of experience, working to create a unique solar design that is the right fit for you and your home.

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll set up a free in-home site visit, using a 12-point analysis to determine the energy consumption of your property and offer suggestions on how to make improvements. After this visit, you’ll have a clear idea about how your solar system will work for you, expected costs and expected savings over time.