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It NOW costs less to own solar than it does to pay your monthly power bill.
Save even more on the cost of owning solar with our monthly deals below. We not only care about the environment but about saving you money along the way. Call or use the form on the right to learn more about our monthly promotions, sales, rebates, and more.

New Year Solar Sale! – 10% OFF All Solar Installations and Free Monitoring system with each solar purchase

Celebrate this year with solar! We are giving 10% OFF all solar installations. Contact us today to take advantage of these New Year deals! 

Duke Energy NC Solar Rebate Program

Duke Energy NC Solar Rebate Program:

The solar power installation rebate program from Duke Energy will help property owners in North Carolina save thousands on their up-front solar installation costs. Thanks to the new 2018 Duke Energy NC Solar Rebate Program, many property owners in North Carolina will see quicker payback and generate greater savings over the lifetime of their solar panel system.


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Thermal Shield Sale: $500 OFF

$500 off of your Thermal Shield installation! Thermal Shield is a reflective barrier, usually installed in the attic of a home. It reflects radiant heat, lowering cooling and heating costs by keeping warm air where it should be, out of your home during the summer, and in during the winter. Call us or use the contact form on the right and mention promo code TSHIELD4ME!


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