The West Raleigh Presbyterian Church wanted to go solar on after a few congregants had solar installed on their homes. Since the church is a nonprofit, the tax incentives usually do not apply. However, the church established a six-person solar committee to oversee the entire project and the 50 panels were purchased by 50 congregants. West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Trustee Eric Baucom talks about the experience with the church installing a 15.5 kW solar array.


As a church, we have an abiding interest in caring for God’s creation. As an Earth Care Congregation, we made a conscious decision to pursue solar in order to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Our members came together in a special capital campaign, and together we raised the funds for our solar system.

“Their commitment to quality work and great service is amongst the highest I’ve ever seen.”

NCSN-Meetoutcustomers-wrpcWe solicited bids from three solar vendors. In the end, we chose NC Solar Now because their pricing was competitive and they were able to commit to an installation time frame that accommodated our needs. I’m thrilled to report that NC Solar Now not only met but in fact, exceeded all of our expectations.

First, the pricing and scope were right the first time; there was never any talk of change orders.

Second, the installation was on schedule and was completed within the agreed-upon time frame. Once we had hired them, their commitment to staying on schedule was clearly a priority for them.

Third, the installation process was smooth and painless. Their installation team was led by Karl S., who was phenomenal to work with. In particular, he was first rate in his communication; he called and updated us throughout the process, starting a few weeks ahead of the install date, and giving continual updates until installation was complete.

“… the project was truly 100% turnkey.

Fourth, I am most impressed by how they handled the unexpected. We have an older facility, which presented some unusual challenges for their team. Our electrical system is from another era, using a fairly unusual 240V, 3ph, “high-leg delta” configuration. Their inverter was able to adapt to this. Finding a breaker to connect the inverters on our ancient switchgear was another issue. Their team worked diligently to resolve this issue, and I truly feel like they explored all options open to them until a good resolution was found. After 2 months of operation, one of our inverters failed. NC Solar Now replaced it without fuss in just a few days, completely under warranty.

In the end, the project was truly 100% turnkey. That is a real blessing for a church, which relies on volunteer church members (like me) to coordinate projects like this. Support after the installation has been very responsive as well. We are very happy with the system, and we have been pleased with the lower power bills.

Looking back, I don’t see how we could have gotten any better service or results than those we got with NC Solar Now. Their commitment to quality work and great service is amongst the highest I’ve ever seen.

If you or your church is considering solar, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to share more details of our wonderful experience.

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When NC Solar Now told Garner, NC resident, Gerald Myers, that his house wasn’t a good candidate for solar, he took matters into his own hands and hired a company to remove 75 trees. Here’s why he decided to do that and go solar.

NC Solar Now: How long have you lived in the house?

Gerald Myers: We bought this house approximately a year and a half ago.

“Energy is only going to go up in cost over the years, it’s never going to go down.”

NCSN: Why did you choose to get solar?

GM: We’ve always wanted to do it. {laughs} We’ve always wanted to go solar and with the tax credits the decision was easy, with 30 percent rebate from the federal and 35 percent back from the state, and we were Legacy Progressive customers, so that ’s literally a rebate check from them for 3-7 percent.  It’s just something I always wanted to do. Energy is only going to go up in cost over the years, it’s never going to go down. And if I can do my little bit to…. save me money, and do what’s right for the world, then that’s where it’s at.


NCSN: Why NC Solar Now? How did you hear about us?

GM: Talked to a lot of different companies and I actually talked to a commercial company that sells to the various solar companies in the area and they recommended you all.  As I compared all the companies, I thought you were more professional and would do a better job.

NCSN: How much of your house is electric?

GM: This two-story, 2600 sq. ft house that was built 25 years ago, there are two heat pumps. There’s a gas cooking stove, but everything else is electric.

NCSN:  You had 75 trees cut down, that was a huge undertaking, can you tell me about it?

GM: It wasn’t for me, [laughs] it was for the guys that cut them down.

“It just makes so much sense, because if you put it into numbers, the numbers don’t lie. People do.”

NCSN:  Did that deter you at all? The house must have been very dark before.

GM: It’s brightened up the house unbelievably. Almost all the trees we had removed were pines and if you get an ice storm, they get heavy and go down.

NCSN: So you were planning on doing that anyway?

GM: Yes, but probably not as quickly as we did now.

“…my raw material is a nice day”

NCSN:  What would you say to someone who doesn’t have solar or someone considering solar panels?

GM: First thing I would do is just look them in the eyes and say, “why not?” I wanna know what their objection is. Some people stereotype you if you are interested in solar as a tree hugger, an environmentalist. Some say how can you drive a car if you want alternative energy?  And I thought… ‘what????” It makes no sense to me.
I said to my wife the other day that in another life I must have been a Scotsman because it really pleases me to know that I’m making my own electricity and my energy source, my raw material is a nice day.  And I’ll even produce more electricity if it’s a really pretty day. It just makes so much sense, because if you put it into numbers, the numbers don’t lie. People do. We live in North Carolina and we have no idea what this legislature will do, but it won’t be good.

NCSN: Have you influenced others or have you seen an impact after you got solar panels?

GM: In my subdivision, you have to go by our house. Chelsea put the NC Solar Now signs up a few weeks before. And there’s a lady that goes for walks and she saw the sign and looked at the yard and said, “All those trees, yeah, right.” But now she knows and she’s been quizzing me on it.