How to Choose an Installer?

Solar Power is a long term investment, make sure you have the right partner. Learn How to Choose an Installer?

Questions to ask when you’re choosing a solar installer:

We know you’re savvy and this might go without saying but please be sure any solar installation company you’re talking to is answering these questions…otherwise, you’re not talking to the right installer!

✔  What system size should I choose for the most savings?
✔  What are my financing options?
✔  How will this work with my utility company?
✔  What kind of metering options does my utility company offer? (BASA, Bi-Lateral, Net-Metering)
✔  What will my power bill look like post-solar?
✔  Will you be inspecting my roof?
✔  Do you offer a way for me to check in on my energy production and energy use?
✔  When will I start seeing a return on my investment?
✔  How are your warranty claims handled?
✔  What if my solar power system doesn’t generate as much energy as anticipated?
✔  Are you available to come to my home if I need help or have questions?
✔  Do you have a list of at least 3 references from previous customers?

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Working with a Reputable, Professional Company

Installing solar panels at your residence involves altering your property. That’s why it is important to make sure you’re choosing a reputable company to install your solar panels and get you on track to using more local, renewable energy resources. You could go buy all of the solar components in an attempt to DIY it or you choose a dependable solar power company that has decades of combined experience. A dependable solar company can provide all needed parts with fewer headaches and a lower cost in the long run. In addition, working with a local solar company would enable you to have one company to call should any warranty issues arise.

Before you decide on that one company to install your renewable energy resources, always do your research. Solar panels will only work and save you money if they are installed correctly. Use Karl’s advice to ensure the technicians know what they are doing. Ensure that other solar energy providers are in good standing with the local utility companies and that they have good references. A company that has nothing to hide should offer you references and customer testimonials upon your request. You might also check with the Better Business Bureau for good measure! 

Working with a Local Solar Energy Company

Choosing a local company for any of your solar panel needs means injecting your money back into the local economy. Here at NC Solar Now, we’re your neighbors. We’re proud to serve you in your quest to save green by going green. We also work with other local charities and organizations, such as NC Autism Society and NC Green Power. We are licensed to work in North Carolina and respectfully work in accordance with any and all local and national codes.

Going local also gives you a chance to establish a lasting relationship with your solar power company. We will stand by you throughout the life of your system – from installation to maintenance, and any questions you have along the way. We’ll help you realize savings on your energy bills and to take advantage of offers like federal tax credits and Duke Power rebates. NC Solar Now is dedicated to helping you cut costs from your energy bill while reducing your environmental footprint through green, renewable energy resources. 

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Here's what our customes have to say:

My wife Debbie and I contacted NC Solar in December of 2013! Greg came out and explained to us all the info we needed to make our decision to go with NC Solar. We installed a 3 KW system with battery backup! The process went exactly as Greg promised! During the planning and system design Luke and Julien were most helpful and during Installation Karl did an exceptional job of getting everything done. The work was all top notch and as neat as it could possibly be. Had one little issue after system was up but Karl had it resolved in no time at all. We have had a couple of outages since we have had our system and only knew because of a call from the neighbor asking if our power was out. Also have to mention savings on our power bills have been a pleasant surprise :)! NC Solar and its folks are definitely a 5 star company! If your planning on going solar no need to waste time shopping around. Mrs. Wood and I did that for you. Just call Greg his number is on their web page.

David & Debbie Wood
Wallace, NC

NC Solar Now is the definition of a customer-oriented company. They handle absolutely everything. Our total experience with NC Solar Now has been excellent. We met them at the Greensboro Home Show, and a representative visited us a few days later. At that time we talked about feasibility, expectations of how much electricity we could generate, as well as costs. An expert designer arrived a few days later to actually go up on the roof to devise the most efficient method for generating power from our panels. In a single day our home was completely refitted – all the panels and inverters were installed on the roof and the electrical work to connect to the grid was ready to go. All that was needed was a visit from Duke Energy to replace their meter; that took 3.5 weeks. We turned it on and we are running. There is a website that continually provides information about how much energy is captured by 15-minute segments, by hour, by day and by month. It is simple to use. All this just happened. We did nothing, but sign the contract and give access to our house. When the workers finished, there was not a trace that they had been here – just the equipment on the roof. We are completely comfortable recommending NC Solar Now to anyone interested in going solar.

Emily Etzel
Winston-Salem, NC

We’re so happy with our decision to choose NC Solar Now to handle our solar installation. From the moment I contacted the office, the entire staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. NC Solar Now handled everything from start to finish (no paperwork for me!) and answered every question we had. The installation was amazingly quick (our neighbors were stunned!) and went off without a hitch. Luke, Logan, the rest of the crew, were all so kind, efficient, polite, and professional. They were all very considerate of the fact that I had two dogs in the house too. They left the property and my home exactly like they found, actually probably a bit cleaner. From the office staff, to the salespeople, to the installers—the entire company is the best there is. They informed us on the best solar system to get according to our needs and energy usage. We can monitor our usage online and after less than 10 days of solar use in our first bill, there was already significant savings! We can’t wait to see the results for many years to come. We are so happy with our solar array and all the folks at NC Solar Now.

Ingrid Fromm
Raleigh, NC

Our staff is NABCEP Certified! 

Furthermore, we are certified by all major brands, including Tesla, Enphase, SolarEdge, Fronius, REC, QCell, Ironridge, and others! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram. Visit us online at NC SOLAR NOW, send us a message, or call us at 919-833-9096.

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