A newly-announced solar rebate from Duke Energy will help property owners in North Carolina save thousands on their up-front solar installation costs. Thanks to the new 2018 Duke Energy solar rebate, many property owners in North Carolina will start to see quicker payback and greater savings over the lifetime of their solar panel system.

What sort of savings could this mean for property owners looking to install a solar panel system in Duke territory? Below is a table with some examples to show what this rebate would mean for savings for various types of systems:

Customer type System size Rebate amount and additional upfront savings
Residential 6 kW $2,880 ($0.60 x 4,800 kWAC)
Residential 11 kW (rebate only applicable for first 10 kW) $5,280 ($0.60 x 8,800 kWAC)
Nonprofit 45 kW $21,600 ($0.60 x 36,000 kWAC)
Commercial 78.6 kW $37,728 ($0.60 x 62,880 kWAC)
Commercial 150 kW (rebate only applicable for first 100 kW) $50,000 ($0.50 x 100,000 kWAC)


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