It is NC Solar Now’s goal to communicate these guidelines and be as transparent as possible so that our customers have the best success in being accepted. Duke’s giving advantage to customers that apply themselves and therefore recommend that you apply on your own.

Why? Applications sent on your behalf, by installers (i.e. NC Solar Now), will be on a 24-hour delay. Applications sent on your own will NOT accrue any delay. The Duke Rebate Program is first come, first serve and your chances of being accepted into the program are higher if you apply yourself.

We are happy to help! If you decide to have NC Solar Now apply on your behalf we will be submitting applications when enrollment opens. *more details to come for 2019 enrollment*


Please view both options and their process below:

If you Choose to Apply on your own behalf:

Step One: Open application at

nc solar panels

Step Two: Enter your Interconnection Number 

How to find Interconnection Number:

  • Find your email from and The title of the email should look something like this: INTCO-12345 Interconnection Application Request Received – John Smith
  • The interconnection number is the number at the end of INTCO.

nc solar panels

Step Three: Enter Customer Information

– For the Installers Email Address enter

 nc solar panels
Step Four: Enter your service address as it appears on your Duke Statement.
nc solar panels
Step Five: Enter the address you want your rebate check to be sent to.
nc solar panels
Step Six: Enter your Customer Type
nc solar panels
Step Seven: Enter your project size in AC value 

How to find your AC Value: 

  • The AC Value of your solar array is listed on your designs from NC Solar Now.
  • You can find the AC value on the right-hand side of your design.

nc solar panels

nc solar panels

Step Eight: Agree to Customer Acknowledgements and submit. 

nc solar panels

If you choose for NC Solar Now to apply on your behalf:

  1. NC Solar Now’s offices will be closed to submit applications July 9th at 9 A.M.
  2. You will need to approve the application via email from Duke Energy. We have no information on when this email will be sent so, be on the lookout for it throughout the next 24-48 hours.

nc solar panels

Duke Energy will process applications submitted by NC Solar Now on a 24-hour delay. Duke Energy will then review your application and notify you of its status by email. 


NC Solar Now is committed to doing everything in our power to register you for the Duke Rebate Program in a timely manner. However, NC Solar Now is not responsible for the approval process once your application is submitted to Duke Energy.