How Much Do Residential Solar Panels Cost in North Carolina?

There is no set dollar amount you can expect to pay for residential solar panels, but there are a wide range of details that factor into the overall cost of solar in North Carolina. Browse this page for everything you’ll need to find the best solar panel system at the best price.

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Ways To Save Money On Solar Panels

Due to a variety of advancements in recent years, residential solar panels in North Carolina are the cheapest they have ever been! Read about how you can take advantage of unprecedented savings with NC Solar Now.

$0 upfront costs

NC Solar Now offers flexible financing options for NC homeowners to remain cash flow positive with no money down.

$0 out-of-pocket costs

NC Solar Now will cover all installation costs on your home, so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

26% federal tax credit for all solar panels functioning in 2020

If your solar panels are connected to the grid in 2020, you can receive a 26% federal tax credit; that’s 26% of what you paid for your solar panels right back into your pocket.

$11,229 average increase in home value

Research shows that solar panels can increase the value of your home by an average of $11,229 in North Carolina.* So as you build equity each month, you could be increasing your home’s resale value as well.

25-year transferable warranty covers all maintenance and repairs

Our warranty covers the cost of any and all solar panel maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, you have the option to transfer the panels and warranty to the new owners if you sell your home, which could increase your resale value.

FREE power for month of installation

NC Solar Now will pay your power bill for the month while your solar panels are installed.

$500 referral bonus when you refer a friend

If you’ve invested in solar panels with NC Solar Now, we’ll pay you $500 for each customer you refer to us. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make!

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Factors That Impact The Cost Of Solar

  • Equipment Costs – Different solar panel contractors use different materials, but quality of equipment will affect the overall costs.
  • Permits & Labor – The time it takes to obtain proper permits, design the array, visit the job site, and install the panels can affect the price you pay for solar.
  • Roof Style – Skylights, level changes, and other unique structural details to your roof can affect the installation costs.
  • Energy Consumption – The more energy you consume, the more solar panels you’ll need, which could affect the cost of equipment, labor, permitting, etc.
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*(LBNL, Appraising Into The Sun: Six-State Solar Home Paired-Sales Analysis)