NC Solar Now will guide you through the process every step of the way. We will show you how a Commercial Solar Energy System can pay for itself in just a few years. We will guide you through the tax incentives that can cover approximately 1/3 of the installation costs. When you partner with us, we ensure you maximize your financial return, hedge against energy price increases, and put it all in terms your CFO can trust.


NC Solar Now is an experienced and comprehensive resource for turn-key renewable energy solutions.  We specialize in commercial, industrial, and institutional Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Hot Water, and Project Consulting. It is our goal to provide the customer with the best possible information to make a valued business decision regarding their purchase of a Solar Energy System. We will work with you and your CPA and/or CFO to achieve and deliver the most advanced solutions to fit each customers’ individual needs.


1. Corporate and Sustainability Goals
NC Solar Now will act solely on your behalf as your expert energy consultant, advising you on best-in-class green energy solutions, providing complete knowledge and services for new energy initiatives, and managing the entire system implementation process. Until a project is agreed to, there is often no cost for our consulting on your behalf. We conduct a new energy analysis and benchmarking for our clients’ businesses; and then fully manage the complex and ever-changing options for capital sourcing, procurement, and systems implementation, financial & tax implications, construction implementation, all while advising our clients on the business the whole way through. We work with progressive companies that have previously initiated renewable energy projects or expansions or are considering first-time implementations.

2. Feasibility and Asset Analysis
As your expert energy consultant, we will review your business needs and site locations, benchmarking industry best practices, and will create a new energy feasibility plan for your business. We carefully look at the environmental, life-cycle, climate, financial, purpose, and other impacts of renewable energy implementation as related to your specific business needs. Our role is to ensure that you stay informed as energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies advance from concept to installation, providing you with the confidence of an on-going business advantage.

3. Investment and Financial
Our connections, network, resources, and experience in renewable energy financing have strongly enabled our success. We are often able to source and secure very advantageous financial options and uniquely tailored funding strategies to create financially viable new energy projects for our clients. We work on your behalf within close relationships of a network of banks and finance organizations, public-private sector financing, REIT’s, and other financial sources, and can often leverage the advantages of federal, state, and utility incentives and rebates to secure very beneficial finance options for our clients.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, in conjunction with green energy projects and other initiatives, are designed to provide long-term benefits to employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and individuals in communities. NC Solar Now will ensure we work within your organization’s current CSR initiatives or can advise and help you implement a CSR policy, integrated within your company, and aligned with your business strategies and key performance metrics. The implementation of any successful renewable energy project must make both financial and environmental sense. New green energy initiatives have the power to transform your brand as well as how the world sees your business, creating positive awareness, new growth sectors, and market opportunities. Often at the heart of a green energy implementation is a positive marketplace ecosystem where people and businesses can work, live, play, and innovate in new and more sustainable ways – ultimately creating the ability for our clients to achieve their business goals, while positively contributing to the environment.

5. Construction Management
We provide turn-key construction management services, working as your General Contractor. Our experienced team will provide the overall planning, coordination, design, and management of your project from inception to completion, working with the best integrators and high performance, truly qualified vendors. We work within a carefully orchestrated quality process to achieve your green energy project performance goals that will produce a functionally and financially viable project, completed on time and within authorized costs, and to best-in-industry quality standards.

6. Warranties, Maintenance, and Service
We design and implement best-in-industry new energy systems. We ensure our clients get maintenance and support as needed. Fortunately, new energy hardware and systems require very little maintenance. We can provide a variety of options, local service response, parts and labor, and panel washing options designed to fit your business needs. NC Solar Now will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide out-of-warranty hardware maintenance as needed.

Please contact us for information on our rates, solar project consulting and a complete list of our services.