Private Label Manufacturing | Winston Salem, NC


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Tell us a little bit about Private Label and what you do? 

We manufacture and distribute soaps, industrial cleaners and degreasers for laundry, dishes, and janitorial supplies.

How Long have you been in business?

33 years!

What made you decide to go solar? 

I was retiring and passing the business off to my son. We decided that the next phase of Private Label should be greener. Our household and commercial products were beginning to be manufactured with eco-friendly standards and labels and we wanted our business to also represent these standards.

How was your experience working with NC Solar Now? 

The process was smooth! It was entirely turn-key, we didn’t have to do a thing.

What benefits have you seen since converting to PV?

It was a great investment, especially with the tax benefit. We are proud not to rely on coal so much and the lower power bill doesn’t hurt. It cut our bill in half!

What is your favorite part about owning a business in NC? 

Good people, employees, and vendors. Our business is centrally located, halfway between NY and Florida, which makes it easy to do business.


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