If your hot water consumption levels are growing, or if you’re looking for an alternative energy source to power parts of your home, the answers you’ve been looking for are just above you. While you can’t lasso the entire sun to meet your energy needs, you can trap its rays as they filter down to your Chapel Hill, NC home and use them heat water for your family.

NC Solar Now has joined forces with SOLARHOT to bring you the most advanced solar hot water systems that are available in the NC Triangle. Our Chapel Hill solar collectors use photovoltaic technology to capture raw energy from the sun so that it can heat up a specialized solar fluid. That fluid travels to your hot water tank, where it spreads around the walls of the tank to heat water without directly touching it.

The Chapel Hill hot water tanks we supply to homeowners are able to hold 80 to 120 gallons of hot water, which is suitable for washing dishes, taking a shower or bath, or doing laundry. Solar hot water systems are known to last longer than traditional ones, and come with electric or gas backups for cloudy or rainy days.

Support a Local Business with a Solar Powered Water System

SOLARHOT’s solar materials are made locally in Garner, NC, so they travel less of a distance to reach your Chapel Hill home. That ultimately means you’re reducing your environmental footprint even more by cutting down on transportation emissions, and by boosting the local economy through your purchase.

Call NC Solar Now today at 919-833-9096 or contact us through our online form to learn more about how you can benefit from solar hot water systems, and to request a free solar analysis and quote from our experienced Chapel Hill solar panel professionals.

Invest in alternative energy by installing a solar hot water solution with NC Solar Now for your home in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham and Cary, NC.