If you’re frustrated with high energy bills, imagine if you could drastically reduce them by using something you see all of the time: the sun’s rays. The same energy that brightens your backyard and comes through your curtains in the morning can be used for several energy solutions, including to fuel solar hot water tanks and systems.

NC Solar Now has proudly partnered with SOLARNOW to bring you the latest solar hot water technology in Cary, NC. The sun has been known to heat water up to its boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can warm water to normal household usage temperatures of around 115 degrees in just a few hours.

Our Cary solar powered water tanks work through a fashion of different solar components and photovoltaics, coming together to save you money in the long run. The sun’s rays are gathered by solar collectors, which transfer that energy to a solar storage tank that holds a special solar fluid. The fluid gets heated up, and moves to the hot water tank where it circulates through an outer section of the tank, never touching your water, to heat it to temperatures of your liking. The Cary solar hot water tanks from NC Solar Now are capable of holding 80 to 120 gallons, which is a good level for average home usage.

Use Renewable Energy from NC Solar Now for Your Hot Water Needs

Stop dreading the arrival of your monthly water bill. Look forward to the savings you’ll notice on those utility company notices when you elect to install solar hot water heaters for your Cary home. Call NC Solar Now at 919-833-9096 or visit our contact page to request more information from one of our photovoltaic professionals.

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