Vitamin D for Your Home or Business Needs in 2022

The Benefits of Solar for Your Home

Vitamin D for your Home and Business. Why Your Home or Business Needs More Vitamin D. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to add solar to your property or a business placing solar on a commercial space, solar is a long-term investment that is low-risk with significant returns. With benefits to your wallet and the environment, making the switch to solar is an opportunity for huge savings and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Did You Know?

At NC Solar Now, we understand that solar has many benefits, and we take that knowledge for granted. So, let’s start this article with a few questions that will get your brain thinking about your home’s (or business’s) vitamin D intake! 

  • Did you know that solar is also one of the most scalable, cheapest, AND consumer-friendly solutions available in the clean energy arena? 
  • Did you know that solar has quickly become a popular way to generate electricity due to the decreased costs, improved appearance, and increased efficiency? In fact, in the last ten years, solar has experienced an annual growth rate of 42%, with more than 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity installed nationwide. That equates to 18.9 MILLION homes
  • Did you know that according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1,00 kWh of electricity using solar panels will reduce greenhouse emissions by more than 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide, including 8 lbs of sulfur dioxide and 5 lbs of nitrogen oxide?
  • Did you know that The National Renewable Energy Laboratory cites a study in the Appraisal Journal, which shows that a home’s value increases $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills? In other words, a solar energy system that saves $1,000 per year would add a value of $20,000 to your home. Want to learn more about how solar can increase your home’s value? Take a look at the article — How Does Solar Impact a Home’s Value?

Let’s Take a Minute and Talk Numbers

Having a solar panel system installed at your home or business means that there will be a low or nonexistent electric bill. Solar is a shield against utility rates and rising costs baked into monthly energy bills. Simply put, solar panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity, allowing your home to rely on a naturally occurring sustainable resource for energy instead of the utility company. The financial savings (and reassurance) alone will more than pay off the investment over the solar system’s lifespan. In addition, having your own private power production (AKA- the sun) will allow for a consistent energy supply at a fraction of the price. 

One way to reduce your costs each month is through a system called Net Metering, also known as Net Energy Metering or NEM. Net metering is a utility billing system that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. Think of it as an incentive program (much like getting a bonus at work) where there is an exchange between the solar system owner (AKA-you) and the utility company. Want to learn more about Net Metering? Take a look at — What is Net Metering? How Does it Work? 

 But, It’s Not Always Sunny in ____ (Insert your city)!

Solar Panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. The sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds and even penetrate below water’s surface. Because the sun’s rays are still hitting you on a cloudy day, solar panels can catch those rays. But how much power can solar panels produce on a cloudy day? Photovoltaic (PV) panels can still produce up to 25% of their optimal capacity! 

Help Mother Nature While Helping….You!

A solar-powered home can reduce CO2 emissions by providing a clean and renewable energy source. The solar process does not rely on fossil fuels and other products to produce energy/electricity, reducing your carbon footprint. Going solar is a surefire way to help the United States be energy independent. If we are creating our own energy (with the help of the sun), that is considerably less imported energy with substantial cost savings for our economy. 

Ultimately, solar is a clean energy source with zero emissions, great for the environment and available worldwide. As the cost of renewable energy technologies becomes more competitive and the price of solar panels decreases, homeowners and businesses can take advantage of the benefits of solar while also never having to worry about another sizable power bill again. 

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