Solar Panels Under the Tree in 2021: Sustainable Gifts!

Solar Panels Under the Tree: A Perfect Gift for You and ME!

How about Solar Panels Under the Tree this holiday season. It’s that time of year again! The season of gift-giving when Americans across the country are busy scouring the internet and local shops for the most authentic present for their loved ones. To help, NC Solar Now wanted to offer up the best tech gadget this holiday season that will be sure to score you a ton of points and a one-way ticket to the top of the “Nice List!” This year, consider giving the gift of solar!

Give the Gift of Solar

While giving the gift of solar is a bit unconventional, clean energy is something Santa can get behind. Everyone loves to save money while helping to reduce CO2 emissions and limit their carbon footprint. Giving the gift of solar is a thoughtful and creative present that will most certainly land you on the “Nice List” this year!

The Naughty or Nice List

The struggle is real when it comes to Santa’s yearly list. Here are the top 10 reasons why giving the gift of solar will get you an express pass to the top of the “Nice List.” 

  1. Solar energy is a clean, renewable power source that has a minimal impact on our planet and doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gases.
  2. Solar Panels Work All Year! Solar Energy is a renewable energy source because it is constantly available and unlimited to the planet.
  3. With solar panels installation costs falling more than 70% over the last decade, solar has become more affordable than ever! 
  4. Having a solar panel system installed on your home can increase your home’s value
  5. There is a Solar Investment Tax Credit. (Federal Solar Tax Credit)
  6. At NC Solar Now, our solar panels have a warranty for 25 years but have a lifespan of 35-40 years. 
  7. Due to the decreased costs, improved appearance and increased efficiency, solar has quickly become a popular way to generate electricity.
  8. Solar Panels require little to no maintenance!
  9. Solar panels have become thinner and sleeker, which offers a more modern and less bulky appearance
  10. By investing in a self-contained solar system, you support local businesses like NC Solar Now.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Solar is the perfect gift option that remains significant over time and adds happiness every day through cost savings and environmental benefits. Solar is the gift that keeps on giving and a gift that makes a difference. Ready to give the gift of sustainability? NC Solar Now is ready to help you invest in your future.

Want to Learn More About Solar?

NC Solar Now is North Carolina’s most trusted solar panel installer and embraces the philosophy that solar is for everyone! NC Solar Now is your trusted local solar installation partner. We are a pioneering force in empowering communities across North Carolina with sustainable energy solutions.

As a leading solar provider, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art solar systems tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Committed to innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship, NC Solar Now transforms spaces, illuminating a brighter, greener future for homes and businesses. We’ll be by your side from your first free virtual consult through our warranty period and beyond. Visit us online at  NC SOLAR NOW or contact us for more information. Check us out on  Facebook or Instagram. Want to chat with someone? Give us a call at  919-833-9096.

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