Empowering Communities: NC Solar Now Commitment to Giving Back in 2021

Partnering with the Autism Society

AT NC Solar Now, we believe in helping not only the environment but the community at large. One way that we support our community is by establishing partnerships with organizations we believe in. The Autism Society of North Carolina is one organization that we truly believe in and embrace its mission to improve the lives of individuals with autism and support their families through education and outreach.

Autism Awareness

Bill Wong, an Autistic Occupational Therapist believes that for autistic individuals to succeed in the world they need to find their strengths through the help of others. The idea that autistic children and adults need to make and keep friends that can help them pursue their dreams and hope. He extends that ideology to embody a connection that reaches beyond help and into mentoring. He states that “Among those friends, there must be mentors to show them the way. A supportive environment where they can learn from their mistakes is what we as a society need to create for them.” 

Autism Society of North Carolina

The Autism Society of North Carolina’s mission is to help autistic children and adults improve their lives with the support of their families, friends, and mentors. Through education, creating a community of helpers, and supporting autistic individuals to reach their hopes/dreams, the Autism Society of North Carolina fosters learning through outreach and partnership.

Improving the lives of individuals with autism  
The services and programs are designed to fit the needs of individuals with autism. They help them to have healthy, safe and fulfilling lives in their own communities. The Autism Society helps with long-term goals – helping the individual with autism to be as independent as possible and achieve their goals and needs.  

Supporting their families
Helping families connect with resources, find services, and resolve school issues. Providing support with lifelong concerns including employment, residential options, and planning for children’s needs beyond parents’ lives.

Educating communities
They provide training for professionals such as doctors and teachers. They advocate for the needs of the autism community with state policy-makers. Their education efforts have increased public awareness of autism and helped NC have a lower average age of diagnosis than the U.S.

Supporting Our Communities

At NC Solar Now, we believe in the mission of the Autism Society of North Carolina and donate a portion of our solar power installations sales towards the programs they support. Taking that a step further, we partnered with the Autism Society of North Carolina to donate a 5 kW system to Camp Royall — a year-round facility that offers camps for individuals with autism. 

What is Camp Royall?

Camp Royall offers a caring, accepting atmosphere and celebrates each individual that enters their camp. The 133-acre camp near Pittsboro is the nation’s largest and oldest autism camp, serving thousands of people each year. Camp Royall provides typical camp activities, such as swimming, hiking, boating, hayrides, and arts and crafts. These activities are provided in a structured environment to meet the needs of individuals with autism.

Helping Camp Royall

NC Solar Now was thrilled to partner with The Autism Society of NC to provide Camp Royall with a 5kW system to give their campers of all ages clean solar power. The Solar Panel system will provide the camp with a renewable energy source. The system will provide clean power which helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint all while lowering the electrical bills. Campers at Camp Royall also benefit from learning about solar energy and STEM education through a hands-on approach! 

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