Mosaic Shines as a Crowdfunding Model for Solar Projects

mosaic-logoMosaic is an online marketplace for investing in high-quality solar projects. In a unique crowdfunding model, Mosaic brings qualified investors, who seek steady returns, together with borrowers seeking finance for solar projects.

Holding the reins is co-founder and president of Mosaic Billy Parish. Parish co-founded and grew the Energy Action Coalition into the largest youth organization in the world focused on clean energy and climate solutions. He developed a proposal to create a Clean Energy Corps to produce 5 million green jobs, which shaped the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the largest green investment in U.S. history.


Mosaic, the force behind #PutSolarOnIt, not only celebrates solar energy on the summer solstice, but every day of the year. The company’s mission is to “fundamentally change the way energy is financed.’ It also attracts some star power. Actor Mark Ruffalo is an investor and supporter of Mosaic, and appeared with Parish on Fox Business to discuss the future of clean energy.

From the Mosaic blog:
“2013 was the year that solar really became mainstream and the future looks primed for more growth. Across the globe solar panels have sprouted up on rooftops from New York to Fiji as people realize that not only are solar photovoltaic (PV) panels good for the environment, but one’s bottomline as well. From established companies like Wal-Mart down to the off-the-grid villager in Kenya or the nomadic herder in Mongolia, the promise of solar is an opportunity that no one wants to squander.”

Mosaic believes you shouldn’t have to choose between making money and making a difference. Already thousands of people in the country have invested millions to finance solar projects through Mosaic’s online marketplace. Investments run the gamut between big and small, giving everyone the power to invest and make a difference in the environment.

Mosaic touts ‘Steady income from the Sun.’ And they deliver.

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