Hurricane Preparation with Solar Power

Hurricane Preparation with Solar Power – Hurricane Florence Hits the East Coast – What does that mean for solar?

Don’t be in the dark the next time your power goes out!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Florence this past weekend. Torrential rain and strong winds caused massive flooding and power outages across North Carolina and Duke Energy, along with local utility companies, are working hard to get the grid back up and running. NC Solar Now is proud to say that our existing customers have had minimal to no damage during Hurricane Florence because we focus on only using the most high-quality products that are engineered to withstand hurricane force wind and rain. Our highly trained solar experts and O&M team are on standby if you have ANY questions about your system during this trying time.

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Unfortunately, your system is not functional during the event of a power outage unless you have a battery backup in place. Your system automatically shuts off when the grid goes down for safety purposes which, in turn, shuts off the production of your solar panels. It should power back up once your power is back but if you encounter an error message please follow the steps below to power cycle your system.

Solar Edge/String Inverter Systems: 

  1. Turn off handled AC disconnect
  2. Turn off knob DC disconnect inverter
  3. Turn on handled AC disconnect
  4. Turn on knob DC disconnect inverter
  5. Wait for safety check and wake up countdown

Enphase Systems: 

  1. Turn off handled AC disconnect
  2. Turn on handled AC disconnect
  3. Wait for safety check and wake up countdown

Interested in adding a battery back up to your home?

We offer storage solutions and intelligent battery systems for backup power and much more!

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A simple backup power source is not unlike the generators for sale at any hardware store. It can keep the lights on and the refrigerator cold during a blackout. Additionally, larger backup systems can even run power-hungry devices like air conditioners or clothes dryers.

As a backup power source, a battery is relatively unobtrusive and can be tucked away in a cabinet or in some cases placed on a wall. When paired with a PV solar system, it doesn’t require any gasoline, diesel or other fuel- which might run out during an emergency. And it doesn’t produce any exhaust that can be dangerous if not vented properly.

At NC Solar Now we offer pre-designed battery solutions to help simplify the process of purchasing and installing a solar storage system for your home or business.  The system can easily be added into the cost of your solar photovoltaic purchase, without any confusion or guesswork.  Our pre-designed solutions can also be easily paired with any existing solar system.

These solutions can be programmed to meet your specific needs.  They can be used as a backup system keeping your essential loads running in the event of an emergency, providing peace of mind and confidence in your independence from the threat of a utility outage.  The system can also be programmed for self-consumption for customers under time of use rate schedules.  Self-consumption allows you to save your extra solar energy during the day to use later in the evening when you are still using “on-peak” power but the sun has gone down.  In either case any extra solar production from your solar array will still be “exported” to the utility grid to offset your utility consumption.

The simplicity of our solutions will help take the headache and confusion out of sizing and pricing your solar backup system.   We have a simple two step formula to quickly evaluate equipment costs, expected life of your batteries and the amount of storage that the system will provide you.  This helps to dispel any confusion about the capabilities of the system and removes any hidden fees from cropping up later in the process.  With the design and cost aspect removed from the equation, the purchasing process can be streamlined.  The pre-designed system will also ensure that you are getting exactly what you expect while still allowing flexibility with how you utilize the system.

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