HOA: How We Work with Them

We work closely with HOAs to ensure your solar panels are installed according to their regulations.

As homeowners consider installing solar panels on their homes, they need to ensure that their new addition is in compliance with the results set by their homeowner’s association (HOA). 

In this blog, we want to explain what we ask of HOAs and what they’ll require of you if you choose to install solar panels on your home. We hope this information helps provide a seamless experience in bringing this invaluable technology into your everyday life. 

What Homeowners Need to Supply to Their HOAs

When a homeowner wants to install a solar energy system, they’ll need to submit their request to their local architectural review committee (ARC). This committee is typically run by the HOA and will need to sign off on your request for a PV prior to the installation. 

When you submit your application, you’ll also need to include the following documents:

  • Plans showing visibility of the system from areas open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or associated properties or common areas);
  • A drawing (with dimensions) showing the proposed location of the system and how the equipment will be mounted, as well as a description of any visible auxiliary equipment, and;
  • Photographs or manufacturer literature for all proposed system components including specifications, color, materials, etc.

The ARC will either approve the request, ask for more information, recommend changes or deny the system design. The committee also may determine an alternate location for the system itself. We are available if the ARC asks for information that you don’t have or if you need to clarify what they’re asking for.

System Design and Placement Requirements

Below, you can learn more about the types of considerations the ARC is taking into consideration as it considers your application. We work closely with HOAs, educating them on the technical details of these systems, so they can make the most informed decision regarding your application.

Minimized Public Exposure

As much as possible, a roof-mount solar energy system should be installed so as to minimize its exposure when viewed from the area open to common or public access (e.g., public streets, neighboring lots, or associated properties or common areas). The system can also be ground- or pole-mounted, provided such a system does not extend above the fence line and is screened from public view.

Solar panels on front-facing or side-facing roof surfaces visible from areas open to common or public access must be mounted in the plane of the roof surface minimizing stand-off distance from the roof. Panels in other locations may be angled to achieve the optimal solar gain, provided the top edge of the panel does not extend above the roof peak. All panels must be located entirely within a boundary defined by the roof eaves and peak. Visibility of the underside of the panels shall be minimized from areas open to common or public access.

Complements Architectural Design

The solar energy system must be designed to be an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design of the residence. Plumbing, wiring, or auxiliary equipment should be minimized from public view as much as possible. If a system component can be seen from common public areas and aren’t part of the energy production, then it should be blended with the coloring of the roof.

To learn more about guidelines for HOAs, you can download this booklet we put together for associations.

Learn More

If you have more questions about how we work with HOAs, then please give us a call. We’d be happy to alleviate any concerns or answer any questions you have about this process.

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