Have You Herd? The Llamas Have Gone Solar

NC Solar Now installs 66 solar panels on Four Ladies & Me Farm

East Bend, NC – June 2016: If you have been to the Yadkin Valley wine country, you may have noticed the large llama farm, Four Ladies & Me Farm, located on the same property as Divine Llama Vineyards. The llama farm recently went solar with a 16.8 kW solar array installed by NC Solar Now.


Michael West, the ‘me’ in Four Ladies & Me Farm, is also an architect and co-owner of the winery. He said he built the house with solar in mind back in 2008. “The house was designed for passive sustainability and going solar was always in the plan,” said West. The solar will provide the electricity used to run the llama farm, the buildings, barn, and the West residence. West said his electric bill will probably be 80 percent less than before.

“More and more different types of businesses are seeing the value in going solar and are choosing to do the right thing for the environment and their bottom line,” said NC Solar Now President Steve Nicolas. He said that the crew, being animal lovers, really enjoyed having the llamas around during the installation, too. West said, “It was a very easy process working with NC Solar Now. Everyone was great to work with, everything went smoothly, and the entire process was completed faster than we ever thought possible.”

Nicolas added, “The llama farm is a perfect fit for solar. Not just because of the sun exposure, but because it is a fitting example of how an agricultural business can benefit greatly from renewable energy.”

Even though the house was designed with solar in mind, West said the installation looks even better than he imagined. “The solar panels follow the pitch of the roof. People don’t even notice them at first because they blend in,” he said. West added the reaction to the solar panels has been incredibly positive and more and more friends and fans are asking him about going solar.

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About NC Solar Now:
NC Solar Now is locally owned and is one of North Carolina’s leading solar power installer. Located in Raleigh, NC, it serves homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits with energy efficiency solutions across North Carolina. NC Solar Now is dedicated to providing renewable energy options for consumers while educating them on how to save money in the process. They envision energy independence for everyone and is committed to delivering outstanding service to its customers.

About Four Ladies & Me Farm:
Enjoy hiking with llamas in Yadkin Valley Wine Country, just minutes from Winston-Salem. Four Ladies & Me Farm is a family run North Carolina llama farm. It is the largest llama farm in the state, generally having about 60 llamas. There is llama trekking available, where visitors enjoy the scenes of nature and experience hiking with a llama, who will carry chairs, water and other provisions to a remote creek-side area. You can enjoy views of Pilot Mountain and Divine Llama Vineyards. For more information visit: www.fourladiesandme.com/

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