Friend’s of NC Solar Now – Richard Hamer

Solar power customer | Established June 2018

System Size: 11.21 kW

Meet Richard: He’s a Friend of NC Solar Now and installed his solar power in June 2018. Richard lives and works in the Triangle and is constantly taking steps to make his life more energy independent.



nc solar panels“The entire process from contacting NC Solar through installation was a great experience.  The person who came to visit us at the onset (Joseph) was knowledgeable and worked out a plan that suited our needs.  We even discussed additional items and timeframes that worked within our

requirements.  He was energetic and provided the information we needed within a short timeframe.

One of the main deciding factors in choosing NC Solar Now was the referrals.  The other companies we talked to provided a few referrals up to three but NC Solar provided approximately 30.  This told us that they were proud of their work and that customers were as well.

The installation was fast and efficient.  It was originally planned for three days but was completed in one day.  The installation team was outstanding and were quick to put everything together and test.  The team worked very hard through one of the hottest days around.  Some even came back the following week to adjust something that I did not like.  They were courteous and wonderful to work with.  They are an asset to the company.

The operation has been excellent so far.  We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of having a PV system working and hope to enjoy it for years to come.  The system so far is working at 100% of expectations and we are enjoying seeing the power from the power company reduction in the next bill we receive.  This was an additional system to our home as we already had a solar thermal system that eliminates our gas expenses but this one should reduce or eliminate our electric expenses as well.

We have been very pleased with NC Solar and expect to continue to use them for future additions to the system as well.” – Richard Hamer


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