Finding a Reputable Solar Company

Answering the Questions that Matter Most: Finding a Reputable Solar Company in 2024

Finding A Reputable Solar Company in North Carolina. Solar panels are a long-term investment— that’s why it is essential to do the research and find the best provider for you (and your home). Making the switch to solar is an opportunity for huge savings and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. At NC Solar Now, we understand that there are so many options available, and picking the right solar company can be overwhelming. So, we took the time to help with the question: “How do I find a reputable solar company?”

Compile a List

The easiest way to compare solar providers in your area is first to compile a list that outlines the details of each company. Using a spreadsheet or document, create a list of the available solar providers near you and relevant information to make an informed decision. 

  • How many years have they been in the business?
  • Are they licensed and insured for solar installations?
  • Are they NABCEP certified?
  • Are there any local companies that endorse their products and work?
  • What equipment do they install?
  • What are the reviews from other customers?
  • Check out their social media platforms. 
  • Ask for more information (information packets, brochures, installation guides)

Narrow Down the List

Once you have gathered all the information, generate a list of your top five choices. Contact each company and dive deeper into their installation process, equipment and warranties. Ask the following questions to each of your top solar installation companies:

  • What distinguishes you from the rest in the area?
  • Do you use subcontractors to perform some (or all) of the work included during the solar installation?
  • What are the warranties of the product and your workmanship?
  • What are the financing options available?
  • How will you tailor your solar product to the needs of my project?
  • Can you tell me a little more about your licenses and industry-specific certifications?
  • If I choose to go with your company, what are the next steps? What will the process look like going forward?

Get a Quote

Now that you have interacted and talked with each company pick your favorites and ask them to provide you with a quote. This process is not only about getting a fair price but also comparing how the companies evaluate your home. Take the time to know each proposal and credentials for the evaluation process. A quality solar company will tell you all the steps that will need to be taken to get your home ready for solar, along with the price tag and address questions such as

  • What size system should I choose that provides the most savings?
  • Will any work have to be done to my home to get it ready for the solar installation process?
  • What kind of metering does my utility company offer?
  • When will I start seeing a return on my investment?
  • Are you available to come to my home if there are any issues?

Pick the Company Best for You

Never pick a solar company based on price alone! Everyone loves to save money, but the cheapest quote might not provide the best services. Instead, look at the research, the cost and also your interaction with the solar installation company. Then, decide on the company that best fits your needs and wants for the solar installation process. 

Consider Going Local 

By investing in a self-contained solar system, you support local businesses like NC Solar Now. In 2010, we embraced the philosophy that solar is for everyone, and we have been living the dream ever since! As energy rates continue to increase at an alarming pace, we are excited to share with you that energy independence is possible and show you just how quickly an investment in a Solar Energy System will pay for itself.

Our goal is to help make the world better for future generations. We are committed to doing so by creating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy environment. To do that, we provide high quality, affordable renewable energy solutions and solar installations for residences and businesses across North Carolina. 

Interested in Solar for Your Property?

NC Solar Now is North Carolina’s Most Trusted solar panel installer and embraces the philosophy that solar is for everyone! We’ll be by your side from your first free consult through our warranty period and beyond. Visit us online at NC SOLAR NOW or contact us for more information. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram. Want to chat with someone? Give us a call at 919-833-9096.

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