Exciting New Partnership Between NC Solar Now and NC GreenPower

Helping the Environment and Supporting STEM Education

At NC Solar Now, we are excited to announce that we will be NC GreenPower’s official installer for the Solar+ Schools program! Before we take a bow and collect our accolades, let’s discuss how much we love building relationships with the local community to share our love of all things solar through eco-friendly initiatives. 

Who is NC GreenPower?

Formed by Advanced Energy in 2003, NC GreenPower is a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to improve North Carolina’s environment by supporting renewable energy, carbon offset projects, and providing grants for solar installations at K-12 schools. Since 2003, NC GreenPower’s donors have

  • Supported more than 1,125 local renewable energy and carbon offset projects
  • Produced 1 billion kilowatt-hours of green energy
  • Mitigated nearly 78,000 tons of greenhouse gases

In 2015, NC GreenPower launched Solar+ Schools to support solar photovoltaic (PV) installations at K-12 schools. They have awarded installations to 42 schools, bringing energy education to more than 31,600 students. Through the NC GreenPower Solar+Schools initiative, the youth of America is learning how to be stewards of “green” living. 

What is the Solar + Schools Program?

The Solar+ Schools Program offers grants for the installation of 5-kilowatt PV systems at schools throughout North Carolina. Schools receive a system, STEM curriculum, and teacher training. The systems can be either top-of-pole mounted or roof mounted and includes an internet-based data monitoring system that allows students to:

  • View and analyze power generation
  • View and analyze weather data

The electricity that is produced by the system can be used by the school and/or delivered to the electric grid. 

Students learn the importance of solar while also being able to see the power generation in real-time. Hands-on learning that is meaningful, engaging, and relevant! A student and teacher’s dream! To learn more about the Solar+ Schools Program and how your school can apply, please visit NC GreenPower’s website: https://www.ncgreenpower.org/solar-schools/

2020 North Carolina Schools recipients of the Solar+ Schools Program

  • Hidden Valley Elementary School -Mecklenburg County
  • Island Montessori School -New Hanover County
  • Junius H. Rose High School -Pitt County
  • Mountain View Intermediate School -Macon County
  • Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technology -Pasquotank County
  • Pembroke Elementary School -Robeson County
  • Reaching All Minds Academy- Durham County
  • South Stanly High School -Stanly County
  • The Fletcher Academy -Wake County
  • Western Union Elementary -Union County

Why We Are Excited About This Partnership?

NC Solar Now will be the sole installer for the Solar+Schools program as they move into full!  The pilot program has moved into full-scale implementation and we are looking forward to this partnership. At NC Solar Now, we believe that solar is for everyone and helping schools across North Carolina get solar power is a great way to further our mission. Students across North Carolina will get to experience the benefits of Solar and STEM education. Providing a solar education for future generations is a gift that will not just benefit the students at those schools, but will benefit our planet for generations to come!     

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