Commercial Buildings Embrace the Power of Solar is Illuminating Innovation in 2021

Common Questions and the Answers About Commercial Buildings and Solar

Commercial Buildings and Solar services provided by NC Solar Now. If you’ve ever considered a commercial solar energy system for your North Carolina business, now is the time to act. Commercial Solar Energy Systems are growing rapidly in popularity as business owners and corporate boards realize the attractive financial benefits. From government incentives to a positive cash flow, a commercial solar energy system is a bold statement about your company’s commitment to sustainable operations but also provides long-term financial savings through a variety of valuable solar energy rebates.

How does solar improve my ROI?

The return on investment (ROI) from solar power often exceeds that of most other investments in terms of savings earned over the years. Due to decreased solar installation costs and the steady rise of energy prices, many business owners are seeking alternative power options with minimal maintenance costs.

Let’s Talk Numbers

For those wanting to dive into the math behind the ROI of solar, let’s discuss some numbers:  

  • Most solar panels come with a 25+ year warranty.
  • The system has a lifespan of roughly 35-40 years. 
  • The degradation rate is roughly 0.5% per year, which means your solar panels (after 20 years) still function at 90% of their original output. 
  • The federal tax credit and incentive plan provide a 26% rebate on the overall cost of your solar power system.
  • There is also an accelerated depreciation that allows businesses to claim a large portion of the solar power system in the first year to get a greater immediate return on their investment.
  • Solar installation costs have fallen more than 70% over the last few years, which translates into more money saved. 
  • According to the NREL Report, the cost of solar energy per watt (after incentives are applied) is between $0.08 and $0.11 per kWh. 

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Benefits of Solar for Commercial Buildings

Want a crash course in the benefits of solar for your commercial building? Take a look at the bullets below. 

  • Benefit #1: Reduces Operating Costs
    • For big and small businesses, solar panels will help reduce operating expenses which show on the balance sheet each month.
  • Benefit #2: Tax Credits
    • When you install solar, your business benefits from the federal tax credit and incentive plan! 
  • Benefit #3: Highly Reliable (with low maintenance)
    • Commercial solar panels are easily installed, virtually maintenance-free and built to withstand rain, wind, hail, and snow. 
  • Benefit #4: Improves Your Brand
    • Your commitment to clean energy will be on display and earn you a “Green” Brand label. In addition, going green can serve as a great PR and marketing tool to show that your company makes environmentally responsible choices. 
  • Benefit #5: Support Local Economy
    • By investing in a self-contained solar system, you support local businesses like NC Solar Now. Our goal is to help make the world a better place for future generations. We are committed to doing so by creating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy environment. 

Want a more in-depth look at the benefits? Then, take a look at our article “Benefits of Solar for Your Business.”

How do I start the process?

Commercial solar panels are an excellent investment for any sized building (or business). Solar panels come in different sizes, quality and costs, so it is always important to consider the solar solution that is sustainable for your commercial rooftop and needs. 

When your company is ready to assess the viability of a Solar Energy System at your facility, a qualified solar company will work with you to provide a comprehensive financial analysis and property assessment. In addition, the company will conduct a site analysis and obtain information about your electric bill to provide a preliminary financial sheet that explains the performance of the solar system over the next 25 years. Solar enables business owners to become impervious to unknowable utility rate escalation, and perhaps just as important helps make a powerful statement about their corporate responsibility.

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