CEI Goes Solar with Array That Can Be Seen from Space

Raleigh-based business goes green with 615 panels spelling out its name in solar

Raleigh, NC: NC Solar Now, Inc. recently installed a large 160 kW solar array on the rooftop of CEI – The Digital Office, located on Brickell Avenue in Raleigh. The 615 solar panels are arranged so CEI is spelled out, which is proving to be good advertising since the company’s office is located in the flight path of planes coming in and out of RDU International Airport. The unique configuration can be seen on satellite images from space.

CEI boasts of a state-of-the-art facility that was custom built to meet the greenest of government standards. The solar array will “cut down almost 90-95 percent of our energy consumption,” said CEI President Blake Alford. When asked about the impact of going solar and reducing its carbon footprint he said, “We felt a locally owned company would be a good example to follow.” It was only natural for CEI to turn to another locally owned company, NC Solar Now, to undertake the large solar installation. NC Solar Now uses various manufacturers and distributors that are located across North Carolina. “Our philosophy falls right in line with CEI’s,” said NC Solar Now President Steve Nicolas. “We are passionate about supporting businesses in this state and helping the environment at the same time,” Nicolas added.


With 65 percent state and federal combined tax incentives plus more incentive, more businesses are finding it a smart choice to go solar. Alford remarked about the expense incurred in such a large solar array, “Within four years it should be a profit center and be a very sound investment for us.” For now, CEI is enjoying a reduced electric bill and the comments from people who have flown over its building mentioning the unique solar branding.

About NC Solar Now:
NC Solar Now is North Carolina’s leading solar power installer and is an independently owned energy conservation company located in Raleigh, NC. They install residential and commercial Solar Electric (PV), Solar Hot Water, and Solar Pool Heating Systems. NC Solar Now is committed to providing high quality, affordable solar energy and energy efficiency solutions to homes and businesses across North Carolina and they are dedicated to providing renewable, non-polluting energy options for consumers while educating them on how to save money in the process. NC Solar Now envisions energy independence for everyone, and is committed to delivering outstanding service to its customers.

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