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October was SUNtober: Fun in the Sun!

Energy Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness around topics such as sustainability, renewable energy sources, and the responsibility of our community to work towards energy resilience. This article touches on the idea that energy awareness should be year-round.

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5 Sustainable Crafts for Fall

NC Solar Now, wants to embrace our creative side with 5 sustainable crafts to do with your kids. Grab your hoodies and snuggle up with these interesting and sustainable crafts to do with your children this fall.

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A Green New Home

Climate change is here and government legislation will be coming down the pipeline soon. So what does that mean for new homes in our future? Green homes will be eco-friendly and energy efficient. Five elements of a green home will be solar panels, “green” flooring, insulation, windows, and landscaping.

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Earth Day is Kindness Day

Earth Day is a day dedicated to showing the planet you care. There are many great activities and fun ways to participate in Earth Day. During the month of April, NC Solar Now is offering a special, $1,500 off or a free EV charger!

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Green New Deal: Understanding the Vision

The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution that lays out a plan for tackling climate change. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

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How Does Solar Impact A Home’s Value?

One benefit to having a solar panel system for your home is that it can increase your home’s value. “How much value does it add?” is a question homeowners and appraisers are working to estimate in a clear, consistent manner. Read this article to learn more about what the experts say about how solar impacts home value.

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Solar and Job Growth in 2021

With the increasing popularity of solar power and with the Federal Solar Tax Credit extension, the solar industry is growing. Due to the growth in the solar industry, jobs in the solar industry have also increased. Read this article to learn more about the solar industry and job growth.

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