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Dealing With Your HOA

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA you will most likely need approval from the board to install solar panels on your property. NC Solar Now will work with your HOA to get approval in a timely, efficient manner. Read this article to find out why we have a 98% success rate.

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What Happens During A Power Outage?

What happens to my solar panel system when there is a power outage? Read this article to find out why outages will still occur with solar panels and what backup options are available.

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The Power Of U.S. Solar

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory conducted a study and found that rooftops in the continental United States could provide 40 percent of our nation’s electricity. Read this article to learn more about the study, its findings, and what the future holds for Solar.

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Keeping Solar Simple

Installing a solar system for your home may seem like a big ordeal. Read the following article to find out how NC Solar Now helps make it a simple, no-hassle process.

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What Will My Home Look Like With Solar?

Customers may have a hard time picturing their home with solar panels or may have a lot of questions about solar panel installation. Read this article to better understand our solar panel installation process.

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HOA: How We Work with Them

When getting solar panels installed, it’s critical that you’re complying with your HOA regulations. Here’s how we’ll work with your association.

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Solar Got A Facelift

Solar panels have changed over the past twenty years and solar panels are not the eyesore many people believe them to be. Here are a few reasons that may change the outdated notion that solar panels are unattractive and help you schedule your solar panel installation:

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Can Solar Panels Produce in the Winter?

Contrary to popular belief Winter is a good time for Solar. Cold temperatures lend themselves well to the efficiency of solar energy production. Read this article to find out more about Solar in the winter months and what effect snow may have on a solar system.

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