Can solar panels produce power in the winter?

Can Cold Weather Be Good For Solar?

At NC Solar Now we understand that purchasing a solar panel system for your home is a big decision. So it’s no surprise that customers may be concerned about purchasing and installing solar panels in the winter months. But contrary to what you may think, Winter is a great time to install solar panels.

Solar in the Winter!

There is a myth that solar panels don’t work in the winter, but we are happy to say that is NOT true! In fact, Winter months are good for solar energy production because the cold temperatures improve solar panel output.

Why is that you may be wondering? Solar panels function more efficiently in colder conditions than in hot ones. The photovoltaic (PV) technology found in your solar panel will convert sunlight to power more efficiently during colder months. This means your solar panels will produce more power for each hour of sunlight it gets during the day which is great for those shorter, cold days in winter!

Solar in the Snow!

NC Solar Now Melted Snow on Panels

So we now know that the colder temperatures are ok for solar panels, but what if we get snow? Let’s take a minute and shovel down deeper into the snow facts:

  • Once any portion of a panel is exposed to the sun, the heat spreads throughout the panel and melts the snow.
  • Solar panels can convert any type of sunlight into electricity, which means solar panels are able to catch the sunlight that is reflected off of the white snow.
  • Solar panels are designed to handle a certain amount of weight and snow will not be heavy enough to cause issues.
  • A dusting of snow will have little impact on solar panels because the wind can easily blow it off.
  • Heavy snow can limit the amount of energy produced by solar panels, but light is still able to move through the snow.
  • Solar panels that are installed on an angle will help the snow slide off.
  • When snow slides off the solar panels, you get the benefit of a free panel cleaning!

Why Go Solar Now!

While it is “snow” joke to talk about the benefits of solar panels, we hope this article cleared up some potential questions that go along with owning solar panels during winter weather.

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