4 Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps Help you Save Money

5 Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps

If you’re like the majority of people in the United States, you probably have a smartphone within arm’s reach at all times. They provide unparalleled convenience and give us the ability to live on the go. But, your phone can be used for so much more than texting, checking emails and playing the latest popular game. It can also be utilized as an asset for saving energy and money on a daily basis, if you are using some handy apps that are available. Here’s a look at 5 apps that can help you live a more energy efficient life:

1. Joulebug

With the Joulebug app, you can easily learn about everyday habits for living a greener life. The app takes these tips and turns them into a series of fun challenges, allowing you to earn points when you complete an energy efficiency action in your daily life. For example, if you bike or walk to work instead of driving your car, you can earn points and learn about how that action makes a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. You can also connect your utility account to the app to track your home energy usage.

(Free, available for Apple and Android devices)

2. Meter Man

In this app, you can enter your household energy meter readings for gas, electricity, water, etc. to determine your projected energy bills. Additionally, you can use Meter Man to calculate your average daily cost, giving you insight into which of your daily activities are using the most energy and translating into higher bills. You also have the ability to print, export or email the reports.

(Free, available for Apple devices)

3. Water Use Calculator

Created by the National Ground Water Association, this simple calculator app allows you to become aware of how much water you and your family are using on average. Simply answer a few questions about your water usage patterns, and you’ll be given automatic responses about your water usage when using your shower, toilets, dishwasher and more. Learning about this data can help you to better understand water conservation and apply conservation practices to your daily life.

(Free, available for Apple devices)

4. Gas Buddy

You can use Gas Buddy to quickly find the cheapest gas prices near you or search by a city or zip code to see the cheapest gas prices in the area. You can also earn points through the app when you report gas prices in your area to help people around you find cheap gas.

(Free, available for Apple and Android devices)

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