10 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy: Enlightening Discoveries

10 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy: Things You May Not Know About Solar

Have you been bitten by the solar bug and want to learn more about the process? While we eat, breathe, and sleep everything solar, it is safe to say that not everyone is as savvy about solar energy as we are! To help, we put together the Top 10 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy so that you can learn more about the industry and everything we love about solar panels. 

Fact 1: Solar Power is the Most Abundant Energy Source on Earth

Solar Energy is considered to be a renewable energy source because it is constantly available and unlimited to the planet. Unlike oil, natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels that take considerable time to form and are not replenished once used, the sun’s energy is a resource with a natural replenishment rate. Basically, every hour of every day, more solar energy reaches the earth than all of humanity could possibly need for an entire year!!! Want to learn more about how solar energy is converted into electricity? Take a look at the following article — Beginner’s Guide to Solar. 

Fact 2: Solar Power has Been Around for a While

Alexandre Becquerel (born in 1820) was a French physicist who created the first photovoltaic cell. While it took until 1954 to develop the first modern solar cell at Bell Laboratories, the study of using a device to convert sunlight into electricity has been around for over 200 years. 

Fact 3: Solar Panel can Increase Your Home’s Value

With the increase in solar panel installation across the country over the past five years, home appraisers and real estate agents have been working to better understand how solar improves a home’s value. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory cites a study in the Appraisal Journal, which shows that a home’s value increases $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. 

  • In other words, a solar energy system that saves $400 per year would add a value of $8,000 to your home.
  • Want to learn more about how solar can increase your home’s value? Take a look at the article — How Does Solar Impact a Home’s Value?

Fact 4: Solar Panels Work All Year

Solar Panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. The sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds and even penetrate below water’s surface. Because the sun’s rays are still hitting you on a cloudy day, solar panels are able to catch those rays. But how much power can solar panels actually produce on a cloudy day? Photovoltaic (PV) panels can still produce up to 25% of their optimal capacity! 

Fact 5: Solar Panel Prices Have Fallen

With solar panels installation costs falling more than 70% over the last decade, solar has become more affordable than ever! Currently, the federal government is providing a 26% tax credit on the overall cost of your solar power system. If you are interested in learning more about the tax credit and how solar panel prices have fallen over the years,  feel free to call us at (919) 833-9096 or contact us.

Fact 6: Solar Panels are Attractive

As the technology and engineering of solar panels have changed over the years, the designs of solar panels have changed as well. The designers and engineers of solar panels are aware that consumers are concerned about the look of solar panels. Engineers have kept this in mind when building new solar panel models, and they have become much more aesthetically pleasing. Solar panels have become thinner and sleeker which offers a more modern and less bulky appearance. Interested in learning more about how solar panels have changed? Take a look at — Solar Got a Facelift: Solar’s New Look is Easy on the Eyes!

Fact 7: A Solar-Powered Home can Reduce CO2 emissions

A solar-powered home can reduce CO2 emissions by providing a clean and renewable source of energy. The solar process does not rely on any fossil fuels and other products to produce energy/electricity, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. 

Fact 8: Solar Panels Are Becoming Super Popular

Due to the decreased costs, improved appearance and increased efficiency, solar has quickly become a popular way to generate electricity. In the last ten years, solar has experienced an annual growth rate of 42% with more than 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity installed nationwide. That equates to 18.9 MILLION homes

Fact 9: Solar Power Will Help Reduce Your Power Bill

Net Metering, also known as Net Energy Metering or NEM, is a utility billing system that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. Think of it as an incentive program (much like getting a bonus at work) where there is an exchange between the solar system owner (AKA-you) and the utility company. Want to learn more about Net Metering? Take a look at — What is Net Metering? How Does it Work? 

Fact 10: Solar Panels Last a LONG Time

At NC Solar Now, our solar panels have a warranty for 25 years but have a lifespan of 35-40 years. As with most technology, solar panels do have a degradation rate! Not to worry, the rate is about 0.5% per year which means after 20 years, a solar panel is still functioning at 90% of its original output.  If you take the time to research and team up with a high quality solar panels company, you will ensure your solar system’s longevity and will have worry-free energy year-round. 

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