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“Will Santa And His Reindeer Hurt My Solar Panels?”

(and Other Questions Grown Adults Are Afraid to Ask Out Loud) We ho-ho-hope our post puts your mind at ease. Leave it to my daughter to ask me a logistical question about you-know-who’s impending arrival: “Will Santa and his reindeer hurt your solar panels?” Bless my four-year-old for understanding how much her dad loves solar […]

Can solar panels produce power in the winter?

Do solar panels work in the winter? YES! Memories of cold, snowy winters past can be discouraging even for the hardiest homeowner. If you’re considering going solar, you might be wondering whether solar panels and snow are a bad combination. On the contrary, EnergySage marketplace data has indicated that solar shoppers can often find the […]

small business saturday nc solar now

Small Business Saturday in North Carolina

NC Solar Now Supports Local Businesses in North Carolina Because We Are One. NC Solar Now is a local supporter and participant in Small Business Saturday. In an effort to support local businesses in North Carolina that make local communities strong, American Express has launched Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an annual event […]

Friends of NC Solar Now

Friend’s of NC Solar Now – Blake Shiver

Solar power customer | Established May 2018 System Size: 10.35 kW Meet Blake: He’s a Friend of NC Solar Now and installed his solar power in May 2018. Blake lives in Raleigh and made the decision to add solar to his home to become more energy independent. He has become one of our top solar […]

Happy Energy Efficiency Day

NC Solar Now is a proud supporter of Energy Efficiency Day! As a local North Carolina solar company, we not only support renewable energy but we advocate for a more energy efficient lifestyle. We are proud to be among some of the top organizations, corporations, and utilities supporting the cause. We would like to invite you […]

Friend of NC Solar Now

Friend’s of NC Solar Now – Richard Hamer

Solar power customer | Established June 2018 System Size: 11.21 kW Meet Richard: He’s a Friend of NC Solar Now and installed his solar power in June 2018. Richard lives and works in the Triangle and is constantly taking steps to make his life more energy independent.   Testimonial:  “The entire process from contacting NC […]

Hurricane Preparation with Solar Power

Hurricane Florence Hits the East Coast – What does that mean for solar? Don’t be in the dark the next time your power goes out! Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Florence this past weekend. Torrential rain and strong winds caused massive flooding and power outages across North Carolina and Duke […]

solar panel on roof from above

Going Solar in Eastern North Carolina

We took a trip to Eastern NC to check up on our customers, Tiffany and Paul Woodard, and WITN tagged along. ATLANTIC BEACH, NC (WITN) On a hot sunny day like we had Thursday you may wish you were one of the thousands in our state harnessing the power of the sun to power your home. […]

Friends of NC Solar Now

Friend’s of NC Solar Now – April Setzer

Solar power customer | Established July 2018 System Size: 6.72 kW Meet April: She’s a fabulous Accountant that lives in Raleigh, NC and added solar power to her home in July 2018. April has been consulting with NC Solar Now for the last 4 years and there was no question that she would be adding solar to […]

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