Model Solar Guidelines: A Resource for North Carolina Homeowners’ Associations to Facilitate Solar Projects

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Solar energy systems present a sustainable alternative to conventional energy technologies, with the potential to provide homeowners with a significant portion of their energy needs while safeguarding human health and environmental quality and enhancing property values and economic opportunities throughout the community. While NC Solar Now recognizes these benefits, it is important that these systems are installed in a manner that respects legitimate competing community interests.
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The Benefits of Going Solar: A Resource for North Carolina Homeowners Associations

The standards, rules, and requirements adopted by HOAs can have a major impact on local solar development.

North Carolina’s solar access law prevents HOAs from creating restrictions that prohibit or effectively prohibit the installation of solar PV. This law can be seen as a starting point from which HOAs have the authority to create regulations that are supportive of solar, rather than simply not restrictive.

Before creating these policies and regulations, HOAs should take the time to learn about the technical aspects of solar PV in order to understand how their rulemaking affects the performance of a PV system. Specific factors important for HOAs to understand and consider when creating regulations involving solar include array size, array orientation, array tilt, and system shading. Read more …

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