Our team’s passion for solar ensures that we stay informed about the most up to date technology, so you can be certain that you will have the most effective system possible.

Our technical staff will custom design a Solar Energy System to fit your needs and ensure that your installation will be executed with the highest regard for your property and with the utmost efficiency.

Get Started with an In-Home Site Visit

nc-solar-now-about-usWe offer a FREE Energy Analysis to homeowners, at which time we will carefully evaluate the energy consumption of the property, and then offer suggestions for making improvements. Very often they start as easy low cost solutions that then lead to a more functional solar energy system later down the road: one that is smaller, more efficient, more affordable, and with a faster return on investment.

Let us tell you how you can enjoy energy independence and show you just how quickly an investment in a Solar Energy System will pay for itself as energy rates continue to increase at an upsetting pace.

We follow a 12-point analysis that evaluates the following:

  1. Consumption behavior
  2. Windows
  3. Doors
  4. Crawl Spaces
  5. Thermostat Readings
  6. Temperature analysis (with infrared gun)
  7. Hot Water Tank
  8. Attic & Wall Insulation
  9. Roofing Ventilation
  10. Appliances
  11. Lighting Costs
  12. Roof Quality

A Solar Energy System can be customized for many different roof types. For customers without a suitable roof area, our systems can be designed for a wide variety of alternative installations, including ground and pole mounts. Browse these pages for examples of our different installations.

After the site visit, you’ll have a clear idea of how and where your Solar Energy System will be installed, what your expected cost will be and what you can expect to save.