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Both Janine and I would like to thank you, and everyone at NC Solar Now, for the wonderful job you had done throughout the entire process for our photovoltaic solar panel installation. You were very professional and kept us informed during each step, which kept our minds at ease. Thank you for handling all the permits and paperwork which we know can sometimes be stressful. We appreciate that you took care of everything while keeping us in the loop. We are very happy with how smooth the installation went. Your crew was very professional and provided a clean and complete install. I was relieved that they took extra care to treat my house with respect and did not damage anything. That was quite a relief since I am always nervous when someone else works on our house. With the system now functioning, we are pleasantly surprised how effective it is. It is always a treat when you go out to the meter and see it running backwards in July.
John & Janine
Mebane, NC
We're so happy with our decision to choose NC Solar Now to handle our solar installation. From the moment I contacted the office, the entire staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. NC Solar Now handled everything from start to finish (no paperwork for me!) and answered every question we had. The installation was amazingly quick (our neighbors were stunned!) and went off without a hitch. Luke, Logan, the rest of the crew, were all so kind, efficient, polite, and professional. They were all very considerate of the fact that I had two dogs in the house too. They left the property and my home exactly like they found, actually probably a bit cleaner. From the office staff, to the salespeople, to the installers—the entire company is the best there is. They informed us on the best solar system to get according to our needs and energy usage. We can monitor our usage online and after less than 10 days of solar use in our first bill, there was already significant savings! We can't wait to see the results for many years to come. We are so happy with our solar array and all the folks at NC Solar Now.
Ingrid Fromm
Raleigh, NC
My wife and I decided to install solar panels on our house during the summer of 2014. NC Solar was well recommended and we contacted them and NC Solar installed 27 panels on the east-facing back roofs of our house. The NC Solar folks had us well prepared about the process and the installation went as planned and on schedule. They were very knowledgeable and good to work with. The engineers at NC Solar made calculations and estimated that we would be able to generate about 7.6 MWh in one year. We are two weeks short of one year and our panels have already generated 7.7 MWhs of energy. We have a fairly large home and have heat pump and air conditioning that is all electric. So we have considerable cold weather and hot weather use. But this summer our electric bills were so vastly reduced that in July Duke Power sent a technician to check the meter, (even though they knew we had solar panels having had to install the special meter.) The meter was fine. The panels cut our summer demand from Duke in June by over 75% from last year. In that month alone, our production exceeded 1MWh.
Jim Gulick
Raleigh, NC
NC Solar Now is the definition of a customer-oriented company. They handle absolutely everything. Our total experience with NC Solar Now has been excellent. We met them at the Greensboro Home Show, and a representative visited us a few days later. At that time we talked about feasibility, expectations of how much electricity we could generate, as well as costs. An expert designer arrived a few days later to actually go up on the roof to devise the most efficient method for generating power from our panels. In a single day our home was completely refitted – all the panels and inverters were installed on the roof and the electrical work to connect to the grid was ready to go. All that was needed was a visit from Duke Energy to replace their meter; that took 3.5 weeks. We turned it on and we are running. There is a website that continually provides information about how much energy is captured by 15-minute segments, by hour, by day and by month. It is simple to use. All this just happened. We did nothing, but sign the contract and give access to our house. When the workers finished, there was not a trace that they had been here – just the equipment on the roof. We are completely comfortable recommending NC Solar Now to anyone interested in going solar.
Emily Etzel
Winston-Salem, NC


Are you looking for green energy that will cut your electric bills? NC Solar Now is North Carolina's leading industry expert. We can advise and consult with you on how to design, install and maintain your solar energy system. We offer low-maintenance residential, commercial, and industrial solar energy systems. NC Solar Now can help you reduce your monthly electrical costs, as well as conserve natural resources.


Generating power with solar panels at your home or business can actually cost you less money than what you are currently spending now with standard electrical service. At NC Solar Now, Solar Panels are our expertise and the systems we deliver are on the cutting edge in terms of energy efficiency, power output, and the latest technology. With our professional team of certified installers and technicians, we are committed to working with you to design your new system to help you reach your goals for increased savings.


NC Solar Now offers cutting-edge solar technology for all your tracking and monitoring needs. Track the solar energy you generate with Enphase™ Microinverters using the Enphase™ Enlighten monitoring system. We're proud to be North Carolina's #1 Enphase™ microconverter installer! We're also a proud SolarEdge Preferred Partner. With their SolarEdge Solution, you get smart system control with a power optimizer and inverter, and the ability to monitor your data on a real-time display. Both our Enphase™ and SolarEdge solutions give you peace of mind with the ability to check your system data on the go using their iPhone and Android applications.

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